On the label and in the Tasting Room

Buttonwood Farm is also the home to co-owner Seyburn Zorthian’s studio, whose art not only graces our wine labels but also can often be enjoyed on the walls of our tasting room. Make sure to visit Seyburn’s full range of work during “Open Studio” week in November of each year.

“I am perpetually fascinated with ideas that come from the Unconscious. They seem to bubble up and become visible in the form of color, line, and shape inter-relationship. It is part of the journey of understanding the Self and this amazing LIFE we are living. The most current abstractions on paper are compositions that reflect this ethereal meaning. As in poetry, interpretation may be very personal. The titles I give the works generally relate to my immediate quirky understanding of the pieces when they are completed, however, there is no reason why the paintings should carry conscious meaning to everyone. Most important is that each piece has visual integrity. My paintings are partly informed by three decades of disciplined brushwork using traditional Asian calligraphy brushes and ink to express emotional and physical response to nature in its various forms.”

Visit Seyburn’s website to view some of her art.

Seyburn also curates the art displays in the Tasting Room. The artwork gracing the walls and enhancing the tasting experience may be displays from other artists in the area, pieces from the family’s own collection (including Seyburn and Barry’s artist father) or a selection of Seyburn’s work. Currently, the original paintings which inspired our new “artist series” of wine labels designed by Seyburn are exhibited.

If you fall in love with one of the paintings, ask to see if you might purchase it for yourself!