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Weather Shipping Advisory
We put so much time and care into every Buttonwood bottle that we want it to be perfect when it reaches you. The temperatures a bottle of wine is subjected to while travelling across the US during the hot summer months or freezing winter months can irrevocably ruin a beautiful bottle of wine. Therefore, we have come up with the following shipping policy:

For all California addresses we will ship temperature-controlled, next-day GSO throughout the year.

Outside of California, during periods of extreme weather,Buttonwood may hold wines designated for UPS ground shipping. While it may be more moderate in your neck of the woods, the path your wine takes to get to you may not. We will hold your wine and notify you when the weather is conducive to shipping. If you really want your wine shipped regardless of the weather, we recommend next-day delivery. If you opt for ground shipping, Buttonwood relinquishes responsibility for the condition of your wine when it gets to you. Please call to discuss our shipping policy or ask any questions.

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